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Niche market


Whether a client refers to itself as an investment advisor, asset manager, portfolio management firm, money manager, hedge fund, investment manager, or registered investment advisor; they are all looking to us for career-oriented candidates that come from the investment advisory community who are motivated to succeed.


We take pride in our top-tier list of diverse portfolio management firm clients, each with their own unique corporate chemistry and dynamics. Our clients vary from hedge funds and small privately owned fast growing money managers to multi-national advisors managing hundreds of billions in assets.


Each of our clients are very important to us so we take great pains to insure that their corporate strategy is also a match for the candidates we present to them.

Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc. is interested in a long-term career for each candidate, not a short-term placement.



Source of our Clients

We live by our reputation!





Our success in recruiting is well known in the industry. Matching the needs of our clients with the skills and career objectives of our candidates has been our hallmark and our best marketing tool. We don't waste peoples time; neither that of our clients, our candidates, nor our own.


Clients continue to return to us and often refer their associates and alumni at competing firms to us. Hence, we have a relatively easy time securing clients with next to no marketing and can therefore spend the bulk of our time recruiting the best and most qualified candidates and understanding our clients' needs.


In fact, many candidates that were placed by us early in their career are now managing directors and senior officers at leading portfolio management firms who now call upon us, as clients, to assist them in searching for their alter egos to meet their firms' growth needs.


We don't bother clients seeking assignments. Satisfied clients call us back, again and again, to assist them in their growth needs!

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