Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc.


Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc. is a leader in professional and support staff recruitment for the investment advisory community in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting's CEO is David Garceau who has over 25 years experience conducting thousands of searches for over 250 of Greater New York City's most prominent wealth management firms, portfolio management firms and hedge funds that cumulatively manage trillions of dollars.


He was previously a Director of a NYC $4 Billion Advisor for 14 years and at various times held the positions of CFO and Director of Portfolio Administration & Systems, where he also oversaw all Cllient Servicing and Marketing Support, Performance Measurement and Analytics.  Prior to that he was a CPA with an international public accounting firm.


Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc. has a dedicated team of placement consultants who all have previously worked at portfolio management firms giving us a unique and distinct competitive advantage in understanding our clients' business as well as each candidate's job experience and duties so that we can best match their career aspirations, experience and personal goals to the positions and needs of our investment advisor clients.

Our Philosophy

"Treating people like we ourselves would like to be treated"
is a standard that we apply, whether working with a top officer of an investment advisory client or a candidate and this core principle is a prime reason for our success.


We have always believed that "missing a placement is better than misplacing an individual".

We introduce clients and candidates. We don't push.


Each party involved in a hiring should have an instinctively good feeling about the other, which is usually a prelude to success. If we have done our placement job properly, a candidate will enhance their career and be properly motivated to give their best effort, which in turn results in a client successfully adding to their team by working in tandem with Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc.

Our Time-proven Recruitment Strategy

  • We listen to what a candidate wants to achieve in their career.
  • We explore in depth a candidate's experience within the investment advisory industry to understand their strengths and preferences as well as their realistic expectations.
  • We advise a candidate as to which of our Investment Advisory clients meet their preferences and why each chosen firm's chemistry, dynamics and career opportunities may work for them.
  • We work earnestly to secure an interview with those firms that meet a candidate's career objectives and that will allow them to achieve success.


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