Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting, Inc.

Our value-added approach

Our clients appreciate our TIME-PROVEN SEARCH and RECRUITMENT PROCESS in addition to our expertise in most functions and positions within a portfolio management environment.


Many of our engagements include our involvement in CLIENT STRATEGIES to enhance employee retention, job responsibility configuration and job compensation fairness appraisals.


Our sister firm, Advisors' Education Group has for many years conducted an "ANNUAL SURVEY OF SALARIES, BONUSES AND BENEFITS" at Investment Advisors which is an 71 page compendium of facts and figures covering 49 separate positions.


Advisors' Education Group has also conducted interactive workshops covering "HOW TO MANAGE AND MOTIVATE THE STAFF OF AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR" offered to the managerial staff of portfolio management firms throughout the USA.

Hints for interview success

We provide candidates with a brief summary of points ( "Hints for Interview Success" ) to consider and review before an interview so as to maximize their interview potential in terms of their own presentation and their ability to obtain the necessary information about each portfolio management firm and position to assist them in their important career decisions.


Our counselors offer suggestions on how best to insure that each prospective employer gets the most accurate feel of what a candidate is all about as well as what their career goals are.

Advisors' Staffing & Recruiting's goal is to correctly place candidates that are motivated to achieve, resulting in satisfied clients that return to us again !

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